Full Coverage

Our blanket style Parka provides full coverage for the belly, chest and bum. We have tried to cut no corners when it comes to shielding your pet from the wind.


We have provided two pockets to keep small essentials like extra poop bags, cash, cards or keys. They secure with a Velcro snap to keep your belongings secure.

Detachable Cap

We know how precious those cute ears are! Our Winter parka comes with a removeable cap which will not let the snow, wind or rain bother your pet’s sensitive ears. It will keep their head warm and prevent air from getting under the neck.

Turn Back Collar

We have built a wide collar into our coat to protect the skin on the neck from being exposed. This stylish collar can also be turned back when not required and fit snugly around the neck to keep the chest warm.

Adjustable sides

Our design allows for adjustable sides even beyond the range of our velcro fasteners! The belt attached to the belly can tighten the coat significantly and if your pet has some extra love on them, then the Velcro provides room to accommodate it.

Reflective stripes

We want to keep your puppy safe and have added reflective stripes that make your pet visible in the dark against the headlights of oncoming traffic.

Tail of Fame

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