Welcome to a behind the scenes glimpse at our home. This is where our manufacturing takes place. We employ a small team of local tailors, headed by Ravinder who lives in New Delhi with his wife and a one year old. Everything with regards to production takes place in-house. The fleece and faux Sherpa are sourced from a nearby mill, and they are stored in our basement. The material for the bathrobe is also sourced locally, reducing the impact of transportation on the environment. Ravinder and his team (tailoring team) then has the job of cutting the cloth for each piece of the product and putting it together with their hands, into its final form. .

They take great pains to ensure all seams are tight and measurements are accurate during final checks. Once they hand over the final lot to us, our team further inspects the pieces for any errors and also gets them washed, dried and packed for shipping. Because of your tremendous support, we are able to earn a just profit for our product which enables us to provide a higher than the standard wage to our tailoring team. Ravinder and his team no longer have to work outdoors at the mercy of the weather and instead they enjoy a comfortable working space in the airy basement of our family home in India. Also because of your support, we were able to support our tailors through the pandemic, when most migrant workers in India were lost and suffering. .