We at Haute Dawgs understand the challenges of owning a big puppy. Our founders, Rashi & Rushil, own two huge babies: a 170 lb Great Dane named Bono and a 110 lb shepherd mix named Bruce. As Bono and Bruce grew, their pawrents found it hard to keep their puppies protected from the harsh Canadian Winters without digging a hole in their pocket! Despite options in the market, the available dog coats were either over $100, or too thin, or didn’t provide enough coverage, or didn’t have any convenient features. In winter of 2017, 9 months pregnant with their first human baby, Rashi stitched a blanket-style, fleece coat, lined with Sherpa and felt, for her gentle giant Bono, who has a very short fur on his body and gets very agitated with the wind creeping up his bum – in Toronto, the winters are harsh and unrelenting, and brings squalls of snow so intense that there is zero visibility! The following year, she stitched another warm coat for her ailing, almost- senior puppy, Bruce – who has the long coat of a shepherd, but still felt cold in the -20 C temperatures because of his age. The coats were so simple and functional that she then built 6 prototypes and donated them to a Dane shelter in the city, for research purposes and they were a huge hit. And so Haute Dawgs was born.
At Haute Dawgs, we provide fleece coats for dogs of sizes from 60-200 lbs! And each of our coats is made with the same attention to detail and love that our founder used when stitching the first coat for her Bono in 2017.
We realize that we need to provide the warmest possible coat, with the maximum possible coverage and most usability. We don’t want our customers to hesitate at the cost of our products so we keep the costs fair, while at the same time, we ensure that our production team- many of whom fall below poverty line, earn a fare wage and have a chance to grow with our company, especially during these hard times